Taking Photos of your Location

Don’t have photos of your location already? Don’t have a ‘fancy’ camera? No problem. Cell phones are getting better and better. The images a modern cell phone produces are up to scouting standards.  Here are some helpful hints to capture the right images:

  1. Natural Light – take photos during the day. Often the morning or late afternoon is best.
  2. Horizontal (Landscape) orientation — avoid vertical (portrait) orientation.
  3. Hold the phone at roughly waist level (Tripod height)
  4. Tripod – if you have a tripod, use it. It’s not necessary but a tripod makes the process more thoughtful.
  5. Minimum 5-15 pictures – To cover a location, you need at least a couple pictures of each room, pictures showing the entire property exterior (Front, back and sides). Plus maybe a few additional images of unique features.
  6. Maximum images is TBD — Each location is different. You can always hide excess images. Harder to go back and take new images.
  7. Exterior Hero — Make sure you have one photo of the exterior of your location completely in frame. You may have to go across the street for this image.
  8. Tidy up — As best you can, take the photos after you have tidied up the location.
  9. No editing — Photos should be straight from camera. You don’t want to fool the production team with unrealistic light or colors.

If the above instructions seem daunting, we are happy to arrange a scout to come out to take photos for a one time charge of $175 dollars. The photos would be yours to keep and use how you wish. We have confidence in you but are here to help if needed.

Please contact us with any questions.