Chungking Studio

Chungking Studio Features:

  • 10 x 24’ Window with Beautiful Natural Light (giant soft box), 1-Stop Diffusion Blinds & Fully Automated Blackout Curtain
  • 15 ft Ceilings, Polished Pure Black Concrete Floors
  • Parking Lot Available for Rental 30 ft from Studio with Easy Ground Floor Load-in thru 5′ Doorway
  • Located 20 ft off the 110 Fwy – Hill Street Exit (map), 1 mi from Downtown Los Angeles City Hall
  • Owner Occupied (LMGA/Local 399 Member)
  • Dressing Room with Makeup Mirror
  • Heating/AC (additional charge for AC)
  • Free Wifi

There’s also a small 2nd floor apartment on property with balcony, stairway and roof with Downtown views. Filming is possible for an additional fee.  Photos available upon request.

Additional fees and arrangements must be made in order to film in Chinatown. Please contact us at 213.935.0395 or info (at) for more information.

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