Cinema Town Studios

Cinema Town Studios is a shooting location in Los Angeles created by filmmakers, for filmmakers. It’s a unique space designed for independent productions to achieve a multi-million dollar look for a fraction of a cost.

There are no stairs or elevator, the stage has a roll-up door which makes it easy for your production’s vehicle loading.  Each booking comes with a complementary green room and a makeup room.

Cinema Town Studios is a movie studio with different standing sets, booking rate is per set, the entire stage is about 6000 SQ FT


The hospital set is approximately 1200 SQ FT. The hospital set has a lobby, nurse station, hallway, patient room with a curtain, TV, IV pole, heart rate monitor, Medical posters, chairs, couch, wheelchair, sink, patient gown, blanket, and doctor’s scrub.


The sports bar restaurant set is about 1100 sq ft which has stools and LED lights, pool table, booths, diner tables, and high rise tables.


1200 SQ FT. Our vintage set is a 1920s bank set that comes with vintage furniture, a fireplace, a piano, and a vault with gold bars and cash, as shown in the photos. Brick walls, hardwood floor, teller counter, and desks. This set can be used as other sets with proper dressing such as a library, an apartment, a courthouse, an office, etc.

The Cyclorama is 600sq ft, and has a hanging grid with suspended power and 200 amps on the floor. Great for photoshoots, car shoots, stunt shoots, music videos, and commercials.
Cyc can be painted at an additional cost to any desired color and the order must be placed at least 72 hours ahead of time. Wearing shoe cover is required for all crew members.

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There will be 9 free parking spots available for each production at gated parking during the week until 5:00 PM and 20 spots after, there’s plenty of free street parking on Valjean Ave as well. Weekends come with about 30 free parking spots.


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