The Historic Hobart Wallsworth House

Introducing the ‘Historic Hobart Wallsworth House’

 This is a Mills Act (historically protected) home is in mid city/ Los Angeles CA, in the HPOZ (historic preservation overlay zone) of Harvard Heights, which is sandwiched between west Adams and Koreatown. It’s a cute historic pocket, filled with a lot of historic homes, mostly craftsman style-lovely for establishing shots.

This particular one was built in 1909 by notable architect of the time, Frank Tyler, and is craftsman style with a lot of Victorian accents, which is rare!

This historic 1909, 2-story, 12 room home is totally original, with everything period and immaculately designed by Jennifer Laskey of Salvage Beauty Design Co. It’s a treasure trove of sensational backdrops that makes you feel transported back to the early 1900s, with architecture that can’t be replicated today. There are an array of different looks on the two floors. The first floor has darker, creepy sexy moody vibe, while the top floor is a little brighter and lighter and more glamorous. 

The house is particularly extraordinary since it has almost everything original: untouched hardwood floors, unique windows with diamond window panes, original fireplace, artful stained glass built-ins, majestic woodwork, doors, cabinetry, tile, hardware, an astounding collection of vintage light fixtures, etc. I brought a handful of updated things back to their historic roots by adding back antique light fixtures, switches, sinks, knobs, hardware, you name it. 

Honestly to me it is insanely rare and so special to find a home of this era, 1909 to be exact, and moreover have it be pretty pristinely original (not renovated visually). Unlike the vast majority of buyers, I was not interested in a remodeled or modernized house, nor any that didn’t have an original kitchen and bathrooms, all original windows, original hardwood floors, vintage architectural details, etc. The only upgrades done were to one of the three bathrooms, but it still had an old clawfoot tub and I got rid of the 80s pedestal sink so fast, finding a mint green vintage gem of a sink from the east coast and it was like it was never messed up at all. I think to this day what I’ve spent on plumbers to get the vintage facets and handles working would have allowed me to buy 10 new sinks (same goes for an antique toilet that is so cool), but that’s what’s true to my heart- all antique.  Admittedly, I have come to grips with the new shower but every other detail in the house was original. This house had the most amazing woodwork and stained glass features, along with these coved windows in the dining room and a gorgeous fireplace/ mantle, these are the things really take my breath away and are one of a kind! To have every vintage door, and door hardware, perfectly aged original hardwood floors, and unique details at every turn, and all the little details was such a lucky gem of a find! Sure many things needed repairs, and some still do, but I was up for the challenge. 

The house also has unique and vibrant color, with custom paint with an aged look in many rooms, as well as an exquisite collection of antiques collected from across the country ranging 100-200 years old- an amazing mix of modern glamour and unique vintage furnishings.

There is also a huge front porch complete with swing, enclosed balcony and back patio plus a mid sized yard, creepy vintage garage with old carriage doors, and driveway parking for 5 cars tandem  plus the creepy basement and attic to boot! 

2500 sq ft, 12 rooms / 3 vintage bathrooms  / creepy basement/  walk-in closet- entire dressing room/ attic 

My Style:

Salvage Beauty Design is a Los Angeles, CA based full-service design company that can enhance the beauty and inspiration of your environment as well as improve your property value or business revenue.

We focus on historic restoration as well as interior design projects small and large, both residential and hospitality projects. Our style is heavily rooted in salvaging original, historic architecture and design, incorporating antiques and restoring things to vintage standards. We use salvage or replica pieces in our signature old-meets-new, modern vintage glamour, bohemian, and eccentric glam styles. We specialize in historic or architecturally unique residential homes as well as indoor and outdoor restaurant, bar, and event spaces.

I love ornate, showstopper vintage sconces and chandeliers (in every room) as well as mixing antique finds with beautiful modern pieces with a lot of character and old-world charm. I also am very drawn to the use of faux paint or unique artisan paint in my designs. I am also always a fan of a good vintage stove, antique pedestal sink, chic wallpaper in a bathroom, and rich toned vintage Persian rugs. I can’t get enough of anything tufted, velvet, or mirrored. If doing remarkably well I also love a renovated home keeping in mind period style for that more chic glam vintage vibe.

I’m a big fan of Spanish, Moroccan, and Parisian design influences, though I feel you should never buy more than a few pieces from the same store, but instead collect gems and treasures from a variety of sources. It took me a long time, but I finally acquired all of my ‘dream furniture’, vintage fixtures, and antique accents.

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